Born from the murk of the darkest lagoon in the South Pacific harkens the exquisite sounds of an ancient tribe of sonic shamans, Creepxotica!  

The Ritual Pool

Saturday, May 25th

Creepxotica bring forth a tantalizing blend of Haunted Bossa Nova and psychedelic surrealism that will surely peak your auditory hallucinations. They will take you to the deepest depths of your mind as their haunting sounds challenge your very sanity. Their first three albums were a diverse mix of jazz inspired exotica with a sultry blend of vibes, saxophone and sitar sending the listener on a jet set quest from the islands of the Pacific to the shores of Mumbai. These intriguing tonal vibrations helped secure Creepxotica as the pioneers of a new Exotica explosion spreading across the globe. “The Legend of Chico Baker”, Creepxotica’s fourth album, is poised to be the quintessential exotica release of the year. It’s a delicious combination of vibrational qualities that will mesmerize even the most sophisticated listener. Whether it is your first experience delving into the magical world of Creepxotica, or you are a seasoned follower of their mystical madness, Creepxotica will open your mind to a psychedelic world of wonders.

Tickets $25 in advance or $30 at the door

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Concert ticket includes access to the Ritual Mineral Hot Springs Pool during the show 7PM-12AM.

Concert tickets are not included with your hotel or guest house stay.

Day Passes for the Ritual Mineral Hot Spring Pool are available on this date from 9AM-6PM.

This is a 21+ event.