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For thousands of years, people have gathered around the life-giving waters in this parched pocket of earth. From sacred indigenous space and cattle-rustling waypoint to mineral healing haven and world-class resort town, the evolution of Jacumba is a legend that has yet to stop growing. The freshly revived Hot Springs Hotel continues this desert legacy of outlaw opulence, offering an enchanting space where time slows down and imaginations open.


An unexpected escape on the dusty edge of everything, the redesigned and revitalized Jacumba Hot Springs Hotel offers eighteen elegant guest rooms and two exquisite suites, with steps-away access to serene mineral pools fed directly by the town's namesake waters. The hotel bar is a sultry saloon for inspired cocktails, intimate concerts, breathless boogies and close encounters of the Jacumba kind—a gathering place for rare souls and deep conversation. Meditative mornings, sun-soaked afternoons and decadent nights await you here at the heart of Jacumba's high desert renaissance.


Jacumba Hot Springs lies tucked away in the boulder-strewn mountains of the Sonoran Desert, where the land itself is carved and painted with memories of the Kumeyaay people. Like the rugged expanse of the Anzo-Borrego Wilderness a stone’s throw north, the town is striking in its desolate beauty, but filled with vibrant potential only seen with a closer look. A singular oasis outside of time and space, where the Wild West came to stay weird, Jacumba is a remote hideaway in the hills an hour east of San Diego. Whether you’re looking for a five-star weekend holiday, an open portal to artistic connection, or a repair shop for your UFO, this historic hub welcomes all wanderers.


Intentional community builders and committed stewards of the land, owners Jeff, Melissa and Corbin were bound to this town from their very first visit. The once-vibrant destination had dimmed over the decades, but they saw its timeless potential as a holistic sanctuary for healing, connection and adventure. The trio poured years of time and passion into their carefully designed vision, collaborating with residents and local leaders to restore the eccentric character of Jacumba Hot Springs.

Ancient desert vortex

Jacumba Bar

Our hotel restaurant and all of our offsite guest houses - the Casitas, La Ranchita and the Village House - are child and dog friendly. Our Casita guest houses have private mineral spring soaking tubs, and our mineral spring lake is available for all to enjoy.