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Once a respite for film stars of the Golden Age looking for a hideaway from Hollywood, the town of Jacumba has lived many lives throughout its history. Mecca for healing in therapeutic waters. Home to an Impossible Railroad. Secret hideout for underworld rogues of yesteryear. Surrounded by a vast landscape of bouldery mountains scattered with pictographs and matatés of the Kumeyaay people. Many tales lie beneath the soil here.


An hour east of downtown San Diego, in a majestic valley amid the mountains of the Sonoran Desert, lies Jacumba Hot Springs Hotel, the crown jewel and heartbeat of the tiny town that shares its name.  The newly revitalized property has 18 rooms and two suites surrounding two large pools filled with water sourced directly from the abundant natural mineral springs that have been the calling card of this patch of high desert for over a century


Beyond the walls of the hotel lies the town of Jacumba, afloat in time and space – a place unto itself that has to be discovered to be believed.

The town of Jacumba Hot Springs had its first heyday in the 1920s and ‘30s, as the health and wellness benefits of mineral springs saw a rise in popularity. At that time, the area was bustling with visitors and passers-by who came to Jacumba via Old Highway 80 and the legendary Impossible Railroad, built by San Diego sugar magnate and civic benefactor John D. Spreckels. The town was a popular resort getaway for Hollywood stars, including Marlene Dietrich and Clark Gable. 

Jacumba Hot Springs lost some of its glamour as time went on. Then, in the mid-’60s, Interstate 8 was built, which circumvented Jacumba and took traffic off Old Highway 80, the town’s main drag. Tourism dried up and Jacumba fell on hard times. By the ‘80s, most of the businesses in the small town had closed.  


Owners Jeff, Melissa and Corbin fell in love with the town at first sight for the indescribable and specific magic found in high desert mountains of Jacumba. Its crumbling edifices begged to be renewed. The trio spent several years breathing life back into the property and stewarding the renewal of the town’s spring-fed natural landscape that had gone untended through the years, drawing inspiration from places like Morocco, Mexico and beyond.

Ancient desert vortex

Jacumba Bar

Our hotel restaurant and all of our offsite guest houses - the Casitas, La Ranchita and the Village House - are child and dog friendly. Our Casita guest houses have private mineral spring soaking tubs, and our mineral spring lake is available for all to enjoy.